Mini-Games Guide

Aqua Grabber

1. If your ship fills up with water, your ship will sink and crash causing you to lose a life.
2. Find bubbles. These bubbles will empty out the water in your submarine.
3. Jump out of the water if possible. It will release all the water in your submarine.
4. Grab the pearls from the clams, when they are asleep. Be sure not to wake them.
5. Bring a pink puffle with you. It blows bubbles which will take some water out of the submarine.

Aqua Grabber Level 1: Clam Waters

Collect pearls from the small clams, while they are asleep. The black pearls are worth more coins.
Once you have all the pearls from the top, go to the bottom right. Pick up the rock.
Drop the rock on the clam. Now, pickup the grand pearl.
Bring it up to the top and complete the level.

Aqua Grabber Level 2: Soda Seas

In the new level, you have to gather items, and drop them off in the net at the top.
Find all the kegs. Save the ones with the coral in front of them for later. Once you have gathered enough kegs of cream soda, the plants will move and you will be able to pass.
Once you’ve cleared the top, go through the area where bubbles come from. Watch out for puffer fish.
Watch out for the giant one too. After the puffer fish the treasure will be there. Bring it back to win.

How to Get the Rare Treasure:

1. Go to Soda Seas and collect all the soda
2. Go to the cavern where the last Soda Barrel was, and jump out of the water and hit the wall. The worm should fall out:
3. Use the Worm to catch Fluffy
4. Bring Fluffy to the place where you collected the 3rd barrel. Catch Mullet
5. Either bring Mullet back to your net or let him go. Then go down the cave to the pile of coins
6. After the crab collects all the coins, he will feel sorry for you and give you the Rare Treasure!

Astro Barrier

1. There are three secret cheats to skip levels in Astro Barrier.
  • On the home page, press 1 on your keyboard to go to level 10.
  • On the home page, press 2 on your keyboard to go to level 20.
  • On the home page, press 3 on your keyboard to go to level 30.
2. Once you have completed Level 10, wait 25-30 Seconds. Shoot the blue ship with one of your bullets. It will take you to secret levels.
3. Once you complete level 30, wait 30-45 seconds until the blue ship appears. Shoot, and have the turret hit the ship, to go to expert levels.

                             Bean Counters


Bean Catchers is one of the oldest games in Club Penguin. You take your mouse and move it to dodge obstacles and deliver the Coffee Beans for the Coffee Shop! There are two levels: Regular and Jelly Bean Mode! It is located in the Coffee Shop!

Normal Level:

Here are the Instructions for the Normal Level:
Make sure to drop off your Coffee Bags when there are little or no bags coming from the truck! Otherwise you will drop bags or even lose a life!
WARNING: Avoid all of the hazards like Anvils, Flower Pots, and Fish!
If you are down a life, have no fear. You may see one of these…
If you collect it, you will get a 1-Up!
There are 4 Levels to the Original Game. If you make it past all of them, you will get a 500 coin bonus!

Jelly Bean Level:

To get to the Jelly Bean Levels, do the Following!
1. Get to the Start Screen, then Click on the Bags:
2. Then Click on the Jelly Bean Pile that falls out!
Now that you are in the Jelly Bean Mode, select your difficulty!
Here are the Instructions for the Jelly Bean Mode:
Depending on the Level of Difficulty you chose, you will see a different Page when you Click next.
These screen tell you what the colors on the Valve mean. When certain colors are highlighted, you can only put those colors of bags onto the Platform!
Hope this Helps! Let me know if I can add anything else to make it better!

Cart Surfer

Cart Surfer

1. Before you start, make sure that you are wearing the Lime Green Color. It will make you go faster!
2. Make sure to only do the back flip and side spin tricks. They earn the most coins.
  • Flip keyboard trigger – Down arrow + space bar.
  • Spin keyboard trigger – Space bar + right or left arrow.
3. When you are at turns make sure to press the down arrow and hold the arrow key needed to make the turn. This gets more coins than a normal turn.
4. Do not do the same trick twice. This decreases the score. View your score in the top right corner.

                              Catchin Waves


Catchin’ Waves came once the cove opened to the public in 2007. Penguin could surf for the first time, and there are many challenges that can come with surfing! This game has 4 Modes of play, and you can find it at the Cove!
As mentioned before, this game has 4 different modes that you can choose from, here are all four:
I will explain each one through out this guide! So if you need a certain one, keep scrolling!

Surf Lesson:

The surf lesson is for those who have not surfed before, so this is a introduction on how to play the game!
This level starts out with showing you how to control your penguin, by moving your mouse up and down along the wave to gain speed:
It then shows you that you can slow down, and that you can “Shoot the Tube” by staying under the wave and getting out of it!
Next it shows you how to flip. By gaining speed, you can move your mouse in either a clockwise or counter clockwise motion. Once you get close to the wave, click your mouse and hold it to grind on the wave!
Finally it shows you that you can do tricks while on the wave by pushing any of the arrow keys!
Hint: If you press more than 1 at a time, you will do special moves!
And that is the basis of playing Catchin’ Waves! We will move onto the next mode now.

Freestyle Mode:

This part of the game is for you to practice all of your skills or just to surf! This mode is open to everyone, and can be a great way to earn some extra coins! Here are some things to remember while doing this mode:
1. Do tricks!
- Shooting the tube + flipping can be a great way to earn coins!
2. Don’t get to close to the bottom of the wave
-This will cause you to lose a life!
3. If you start falling off your board, move your mouse behind you or click and hold to regain control!
With these tips and all you have learned, you should be a surfing pro in no time! If you are a member, you can continue to the next mode.

Competition Mode:

The next mode in Catchin’ Waves is competition mode! This mode is a lot of fun to do, but is only for members only. In this mode, you have three judges who tell you what the want to see when you are surfing, here is an example:
Once you start surfing, keep in mind what the judges asked you to do! In the bottom right corner, the judges will have a little bar of their happiness:
Your goal is to perform all the judges wanted, and fill up the Green Bar below each judge! If you fill up each bar before the wave ends, the judges will give you perfect 10′s! Whether you fill it up or not, you can move onto the next round!
You will continue this until you complete 3 rounds. Once you do, you will get to stand on the podium depending on where you finished! You will also get a bonus coin prize!

Survival Mode:

The final mode in Catchin’ Waves is the survival mode. Like competition mode, this is for members only. This mode is very hard, as you try to race to the end of the longest wave ever discovered, while dodging ice bergs!
When you see an exclamation point, that means that an ice berg will be coming there!
Avoid that spot, but if you do get hit, make sure to click and hold down to regain balance:
As you go through this mode, different point values trigger different obstacles! Here are the point values and what happens at them:
400 points=Slow Icebergs start
2200 points=Slow Icebergs Stop
4400 points=Fast icebergs start
9000 points=Fast Icebergs stops
12000 points=Fast icebergs starts
15000 points=Slow Icebergs
15800 points=All Icebergs stop
20000 points=Shark comes
As you can see, at 20,000 points the shark will appear in the water.
The shark will first jump out of the water and then land back in. If you can dodge both of those, the game will end shortly after that! You will get a 500 Coin bonus ontop of your 2000 coins!



Find DJ3K at the Night Club. The point of the game is to make a song and use effects like a DJ. Here are some tips for DJ3K:
1. If you are a member, select which track you want to use: (Tracks available at Night Club)
2. Create tones, by adding sounds to make a beat. Use the following buttons to create tones:
3. Do not add too many sounds. Try to keep the penguin happy, with a nice tone and good sounds.
4. Stay on the game for 5 minutes without doing anything. Exit the game, and earn over 200 coins.

                            Hydro Hopper


Hydro Hopper, also known as Ballistic Biscuit before the name got changed in 2007, is the oldest game in Club Penguin! In the game, you have to jump over obstacles while crazy penguins are driving the boat. This game is located at the Dock.

Game Play:

When you first enter the game, it will show you the basics of how to play the game. Just move your mouse to move, and click to jump!
You will then be able to play the first level. After you beat Level 1, another screen will come up showing that you can’t jump the buoys, otherwise you will lose a life!
If you do happen to get knocked off your tube, have no fear! Once level 3 starts, you will be able to get extra lives by picking up the life rings!
After this point, just keep playing and get as many coins as you can! When you jump over objects, you get 10 points, so be sure to do a lot of jumping!

Game Upgrade:

Hydro Hopper offers a catalog at the dock where members can buy items to make the game more fun! At the dock, click on the Red Catalog in the corner of the screen:
In the catalog, you can buy different Wakeboards to use in the game! To use a wakeboard in game, make sure that your penguin is holding it when you go to the game screen! The Wakeboard is a hand item.
In the game, you will earn 20 points per jump instead of 10! Here is my penguin using the Wakeboard:
The levels go on until you lose all your lives, so this is a good game to collect a lot of coins! Good luck hopping!

                               Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

1. Always use the new, flashing fishing rod, for Ice Fishing. This will allow you to catch the silver fish:
2. When you have a fish on your hook avoid the floating objects. The fish will fall off the hook.
3. Once you see a shadow, catch any fish and keep it on your hook. Use it for bait for the big fish.
4. Sharks and jellyfish will knock your worm off your hook. Watch out for them.
5. Look for cans of worms floating by. These will give you an extra worm for fishing.
6. Crabs will bite your fishing line. This will lose a worm. Bring your line above water.




Jetpack Adventure was introduced by Gary a few days after the lighthouse opened in 2006. This game’s levels used to be available to all players, but with the introduction to stamps, only the first level is available to all players. This game is located at the Beacon:


To start off with, here are the Game’s directions:
There are five levels in this game. The first level is open to all players, but after that is members only. While you are flying, you may see a few different types of items. There are obviously the bad ones, like the Directions say. But there are also good ones! Here are a few:
10 Coin:
Extra Fuel:
These items will help you throughout the game! You have watch about the amount of fuel you have. The fuel meter is on the top left corner.
In this game, the Green Puffle will be able to fly along with you! So bring your puffle into the game by walking them, and then going to the beacon!
If you play through the entire game of Jet Pack Adventure without getting a single coin or any fuel you will receive an 1000 Coin Bonus!
Remember, you will receive coins for extra fuel!

Pizzatron 3000


Pizzatron 3000 is an invention that Gary made to help the workers at the pizza parlor make enough pizzas for the hungry penguins of CP! This game is a fast paced game that makes you hungry for pizza! This game is located at the Pizza Parlor:

Normal Mode:

When you first get to the game, you will be brought to the Start Menu! Here is that page:
Click Play, and you will be brought to the pizza making line! On the right, you will see the pizza you need to make:
Then, as the crust moves down the line, you have to add the toppings listed on the order!
As you move through the orders, the pizzas will start moving a lot faster! So make sure you keep it up! If you make all the pizzas with no mistakes, you will get this screen and a stamp!

Candy Mode:

There is a special mode in Pizzatron 3000 called Candytron 3000! In this mode, you will be making candy pizzas instead of regular ones! To get to Candy Mode, you have to click this lever on the start screen:
Once you start, it is just like the normal version, but with candy! Here are the items you have to use:
This version of the game gets you more coins per pizza, so it is often one more people pick!
Good luck making pizzas!

Puffle Rescue

Puffle Rescue

1. Here are the instructions for Puffle Rescue:
There are 3 levels you can choose from:
  • Blue Puffle
  • Pink Puffle (MEMBER)
  • Black Puffle (MEMBER)
Here are all the hazards for the Blue Puffle Level:
Broken Ice:



Here are all the Hazards for the Pink Puffle Level:
Broken Boxes:


Snowball Cannon:

Here are all the Hazards for the Black Puffle Level:

Orange Octopi:
Get the Moss Key item for Member’s only by following the Dark Shadow in the first level of the the Black Puffle level. Here is a video on how to get the Key! Sorry for the bad quality. It is not my video.

Puffle Round-up

Puffle Round-Up

1. Try to get the Puffles in a group before you chase them into the Pen. It makes it easier to catch them.
2. Try to turn the puffles that are closest to the edge around first. You can gather more puffles this way.
3. Watch your time meter. It shows how many seconds are left. View it in the top right corner.
4. Play as many rounds as you can. The more rounds that you play the more coins you receive.



                                  Thin Ice


Thin Ice

Here’s how to get through all 19 levels of Thin Ice and get your coin bonus!
Level 1:
Level 2:
Level 3:
Level 4:
Level 5:
Level 6:
Level 7:
Level 8:
Level 9:
Level 10:
Level 11:
Level 12:
Level 13:
Level 14:
Level 15:
Level 16:
Level 17:
Level 18:
Level 19:


Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt is a game in Rockhopper’s Quarters. Here are some tips for Treasure Hunt.
1. Work together with your partner to find gems, coins, hidden items.
2. A sparkle indicates a gem. Use this to help find all of them.
3. Try to find two sparkles next to each other. This means a gem or crystal is near.
4. Dig your lines further away from each other. It will help finding sparkles much easier.
Different items are worth different amounts. Here is a table with how much each item is worth.
  • Coins are worth more than one coin.
  • Gems are worth more than 25 coins.
  • Emerald are worth 100 coins.


EPF: System Defender Guide!

Hey everyone! Today, the new EPF Game, System Defender, is OUT! To get to it, click on your spy phone and click on the newest APP:
Then go to the Headquarters, and go to here:
Click one of these for either to learn how to play, or to see how to play the System Defender levels:

This is what your main screen will look like. I’ve named all the features you’ll need to know and use, so remember! (click for full size)
Here’s what the main idea is:
The “weapons” in the top-left area are cannons and gears. There are three types of cannons: reds, yellows, and purples.

Red shoots the fastest.

Yellow shoots the farthest away.

Purple is the most powerful, but the slowest.

The last one, the gear, upgrades any one of your cannons already placed. To use one, drag one over and just put it on top of one of your cannons to make it more powerful.
There are also three types of bots, the same colors as the cannons: red, yellow, and purple. An agent will warn you when a type of bots is coming, and the cannons match the bots.

Red bots come in the largest groups.

Yellow bots are the fastest.

Purple bots can take a lot of damage.

To put your cannons down to shoot the bots, click it and move it over to one of the glowing outlets. You can only put cannons down in the outlets.
Also, watch out for the boss bots. They’re bigger and a lot more powerful than regular bots, and you’ll need a lot of cannons to defeat them. If you destroy a boss bot, sometimes it drops a free gear!
And always remember if there’s an emergency, the EPF has your back!
Read more to learn about the Advanced mode!

The Advanced mode is much, much more intense than the 3 bots you faced in the tutorial. Now, waves of bots come at once, and you have to work harder to defend the system! This is rate a difficulty of 36/100.
Rookie and Jet Pack Guy are with you the whole time, and it turns out, Rookie is behind all the bots attacking the system! (he thought they were computer “hugs”)
The Ultimate ProtoBot is BACK! If you do not remember him, then you probably have not played the first EPF Game for the Nintendo DS. This level is rated 97/100 in Difficulty.
This is the Ultimate Test! We have to defend our system from the baddest enemy, The Ultimate Protobot! Here is the System Layout:
And here are the BEST Places to place Cannons:
(Click To Enlarge)
These aren’t the only way to complete it, but it is what helped me! This level has A LOT of enemies to face, so Be ready!
This Level is a little harder than the 1st level, but isn’t nearly as hard as the Probobot Level. This is rate a difficulty of 47/100.
In this Level, Herbert and Klutzy send out small waves of bots. Here is what the Course looks Like:
Here are the Ideal placements GOING from ENTRANCE of Bots to BASE:
(Click To Enlarge)
The Hardest Part of this Battle, is there are no upgrades until the Very End! And the Final Boss, Is a Centipede of Boss Yellow Bots! So Make sure you upgrade your Yellow Cannons!
The Testbots are BACK! And they have bots! This level is ranked a difficulty of 73/100!
Here is the Map Layout:
And here are the BEST places to put the cannons!
(Click to Enlarge)
After you Finish, you will get a stamp and your coins! Good Work Agent!
Hey Agents! Klutzy has found Herbert’s control for invading the EPF System, and think he’s playing a game! SO we have to defend the system from his game xP This is rated 54/100.
Here is the Course Layout:
(Click to Enlarge)
And here is the BEST locations for the Cannons, not the only places:
(Click to Enlarge)
After you complete this, you will get Coins, a Medal, and a new Stamp!
ATTENTION ALL AGENTS! Herbert is attacking the EPF Mainframe AGAIN! We need to hold him off until Gary and the Director can trace his location! So Get ready for a long tough fight! This level is rated 89/100 difficulty!
Here is the System Layout:
And Here is where you should put your cannons:
I suggest placing ONE purple cannon in the 2nd place first, until you rank up in points. Then add 2 Red cannons at the corners and finally a few yellow cannons at the ends of the long paths! Make sure to upgrade and add cannons as you go!!
After you beat Herbert and trace his location to the Toughest Mountain, you will receive 2 EPF Medals and the Track Herbert Stamp!
(Sorry I have no videos for this)

                         Puffle Launch is Here!

Hey everyone! Waddle over to the Pet Shop, because the Newest Game in Club Penguin is Finally Here!
First off, you will need to choose a puffle you will use in the Game:
Then you can choose from Several Levels! Box Dimension and Soda Sunset are Members Only…
Also, as you complete Levels, you will gain Puffle O’s to create a new Cannon!
Once you complete All the Levels in “Blue Sky”, you will gain a Cannon you can put into your igloo to play!
Want a Guide? Click READ MORE for a COMPLETE Puffle Launch Guide!


Puffle Launch is a very basic, yet strategic game. The object of the game is to launch your puffle through the Air using special Cannons! You will soar through the air collecting Puffle O’s and eventually coming to the End! As you progress, the levels get more challenging, and more FUN! There are 3 Sets of 12 Worlds:


The Controls in Puffle Launch are Very Simple. For all the cannons but blue, you Press Spacebar to Fire the cannon:
After you fire, you can move your puffle to the Left or Right using the Left and Right Arrow Keys:


There are Four different types of Cannons, they are listed Below:
Another Very Useful Cannon is the Checkpoint Cannon! This cannon restarts you if you fall in the water:


The Objective of the game, like said before, is to Collect all the Puffle O’s in Each Level:
You will know when you have done this when the Big O in the Corner is Gold like this:
After you collect all the Puffle O’s, Get to the Goal which looks like this:


During you Launching, there are several different objects that will block your way!
Pianos (How does that hold?) will cause your puffle to bounce the wrong way!
Floating Cactus will also Make your puffle bounce the wrong way!
Klutzy is a big Obstacle. Herbert has taken an Aqua Grabber and Transformed it into a Flying Crab! Watch out for him at the Finish:
Not all obstacles are bad, Balloons let you bounce to places that have hidden Puffle O’s!
There are only a few changes to the levels in Soda Sunset. For one, the levels become increasingly harder! But, the main difference are some new obstacles and Cannons.


The cannons are still the same with the Normal and Checkpoint Cannons, but a new cannon has been added. The Sling Shot Cannon.
To use this cannon, hold down the Down Arrowkey and it will pull you back. Release the Arrowkey to get launched.


Soda Sunset have some new obstacles that you have to deal with. There are still Green Balloons!
Anvils have replaced the Pianos! If you touch them, you will bounce really far in which ever direction you hit.
Pink Balloons are like the Green Balloons, but they do not bounce you as far. They are used for small jumps, not large ones.
Another new Obstacle is the Giant Fans. These fans are strong enough to keep your puffle in the air and not fall! There are levels where the fans move and you need to transfer your puffle from fan to fan.
The Box Dimension has wandered into the Newest Game in Club Penguin! This wacky room has a lot of new Obstacles, and a sweet new Cannon!


These group of levels have the ordinary blue and green cannons, but have a really cool new one!
The Slow Motion Cannon: This cannon lets maneuver through tight spots using the power of Slow Motion!


The wackiness of the Box Dimension has had an effect on these Obstacles. All of them are boxes!
Teleport Box: These boxes always come in pairs. When you enter one box, you will come out of it’s pair!
Plant Boxes: These are obstacles just like the Cactus, there are 3 different types:
Firework Boxes: These boxes are shaped like eggs, when you bounce off of them, they explode into Fire works!
Shaped Boxes: These boxes change shape once you bounce off them! They go from Squares, to Circles, to Triangles!
Good Luck and I hope this guide Helps!

                            Bits and Bolts

Hey everyone! Here is the Official Guide for the Game, Bits and Bolts:


Bits and Bolts is a game where you have to create robots! Create the Robots by using the Given gears to add up to the number! This game requires a quick mental math skill. It also doesn’t give that many coins…


The First set of instructions explains how to match the bolts to the number listed:
When the Screen says “… Only”, only use those types to get the total:
Power ups throughout the game will help you clear out bolts!
This explains special types of bots that can be created:


When you get into the Game, your mouse will have a Number Following it, this number shows the number of Bolts needed to create the Robot:
Here is the Screen of the Game:
As the game goes along, the faster the Bolts will come down. So you have to be quick!
Good Luck!

             CP Pufflescape Complete Guide!

Hey everyone! The newest puffle game, Pufflescape, has finally arrived! This game’s object is to move your puffle through the underground caves of CP collecting Puffle O’s! So let’s start the Guide:


The basic point of this game is to move your puffle through the caves of Club Penguin while collecting Puffle O’s and getting achievements! This game requires patients and lots of fun!


The directions of Pufflescape is fairly basic, here are some important info:


First off, you will need to go to the Pet Shop to Play!
From there, you will be able to start playing! Here is the main Game Screen:
From here, you can select your level! When you enter a level, there are a few key items floating around!
Key:This unlocks the Gate to finish the level!
Single Puffle O:This gives you points, but also is a key item!
Triple Puffle O:Like the Single Puffle O, but better!
Your goal is to collect all of these items as quickly as you can! To finish a level, you need to get the Key and go through the exit:
And if you ever get stuck with a level, click on the notepad in the top left corner for help!
If you are still struggling on a level, check out our 100% Complete Video Guide! Make sure to have Annotations on!

Awesome! What do you think of Pufflescape? Did our guide help? Let us know in the Comments!