How to become a Ninja

Getting Started

1. Go to the Dojo.
2. In the right of the Dojo there is a pillow. Click on it.

3. You will now be playing Card Jistu.

The Card-Jitsu game will start you on the path of your ninja training. Once it has opened, you will see these 2 modes. Competition Mode and Sensei Mode.

In Competition Mode, you will face another player with the same belt color. The more you win in Competition Mode, the faster it is for you to get the next color belt.

In Sensei Mode, you will face the Sensei. You can only beat Sensei at the black belt level. Scroll down to see how to beat the Sensei.

Also, at the Dojo there is another mode. It is called Friend Mode. You can start this mode by clicking on the blue mats inside The Dojo. In Friend Mode, you randomly get another penguin to face off with.

Winning a Match
To win a challenge, you need to get all three symbols, Snow, Fire, Water in different colors or get the same symbol. Like snow, snow, and snow.

How To get Your Next Belt

To get your next belt you need to win at least 8 competitions. Then your will get your next colored belt. Here is the Ninja Belt Legend Chart.
Once you get your Black belt, you will need to get one more item to become a ninja. It is the ninja mask. To get the ninja mask you will need to beat the Sensei in Sensei Mode.

Beating Sensei

To beat him, you need to have a Black Belt. The only way to beat the Sensei is to keep trying. You will need to play the Sensei in Sensei Mode at least 6-10 times. After that, Sensei will mess up and you will win. *HINT- If you get the Club Penguin Cards at Toy R US and us the code that comes with them, it will be easier to beat Sensei.

Once you have beated  him you will get your ninja mask and you would have official become a ninja!

You will get spacial access to a room called the Flying Flippers Emporium. You can enter that room from the Dojo Courtyard.

In that room there is a special ninja catalog called Martial Artworks. In it you can buy a Ninja Outfit, a Dojo Igloo, and lots of other cool stuff!

-Fred9005 (Blog Owner)